Summer Love

According to Chinese Medicine the summer is associated with the heart. Love in all of its expressions joy, compassion, forgiveness, happiness, trust, pleasure, acceptance, pure intelligence, gratitude, laughter and abundance.  All the feelings we all seek and appreciate in our lives. The summer is also associated with the fire element, an expansive energy. During these summer months is is important to be surrounded by loved ones, and do the things that make you happy. Enjoy life!

It’s the time of LOVE. A wonderful season to heal past betrayals, sexual traumas, broken hearts and all other forms of heart pain. Get some esoteric acupuncture heart opening treatments to help you receive the abundance of energy that is available during the summer months. These treatments can be gateways for you to initiate your spiritual healing through chakra balancing and sacred geometry. Sessions can align you with your higher self, and reconnect you with your heart.

It is also a time to open your heart to your fears. The opposite of the summer is winter, which is the season of the kidneys. They are associated with fear, the other end to the polarity of love.

Right now during these summer months your heart energy is thriving. Nature can be a powerful ally, use it to benefit you. It can be quite scary opening up your heart to your fears. And there is no better time then the present.

One of the most powerful aspects of fear, is it is one of the ways your ego can stop you from being your authentic self. It stops you from living at your highest potential. It keeps you small and contained. And fear feeds off of itself and becomes a strong force that generates dissertations to support its cause.

What I have learn about fear: is the things that you are afraid of, are areas in your life where you thrive. Which is why the fear is placed there, a self imposed block. Once you become conscious of your fears, and start to place your intentions on healing. You will realized that your fear is no longer needed.

Trauma can cause fear. And for a time that fear is needed to protect you, but over time it can become a block that cripples your life. And the remedy is love. Fear can’t live where love lives. And it starts with you, loving the crap out of your fears. And once you overcome them, you realize that your fears are one of your many gifts you can offer the world.

And I write this from my own personal experience of living in fear. As a child I had dreams of falling off a boat and drowning. Year after year I had the same dream. I loved and feared the water, at 8 years old during day camp I did almost drowned in a lake. This led to anxiety anytime I had to be in a body of water that my feet didn’t touch the bottom. It took me years to get in a body of water. At 20 I was able to swim in shallow water, and was able to swim in the ocean for the first time. Each year that passed I told myself I would get over my fears and learn how to swim. It wasn’t until December of 2016 that I dragged myself to a pool and joined a master’s swim team.

During the winter months, I literally drove into my fear of water. My fear of survival. And my fear of death. By the spring time, I was no longer afraid of water. I actually LOVE it, and I am a great swimmer.

Overcoming this fear has tickled into other aspects of my life. Now, when I’m afraid of something, I go right into it. And when I come out the other side I’m totally in love with it.

And the summer is the perfect time to overcome some of your fears, you can use to energy of love that is all around you to support you.

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