Hello and Welcome to my Monthly VLOG.

Here are some changes to my business.

I’m moving  from Pelvis Wellness to Carine Camara.

I did so because I want to broaden my scope of practice to open up to more clients and people. I’m still a Chinese Medicine pelvic health expert.

My current offering are: 

In Person: Acupuncture and Energy Healing Sessions

Online: Energy Healing and Wellness Coaching Sessions

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Coming up in the next few weeks….I am launching a Group Coaching-  Transform Your Pain in your Superpower. More details coming soon…

Today I am going to share:

5  Simple Tips on Boosting your Immune System:

  1. Rest – Your body needs rest to refuel and strengthen your immune system.
  2. Detox – We ingest toxins and chemicals everyday from living in this modern life from air, foods, drugs, etc. Cleansing your liver is important to strengthen your immunity. These gentle botanicals could be included as a tea, capsule or tincture in your daily routine:
    • Burdock
    • Milk Thistle
    • Dandelion
  3. Hydration – Yes, drink more water. Many us (me included) have a hard time drinking tons of water. You can include cucumber, lemon, lime or fruits such as berries into you water. These foods can help hydrate you. You can also eat fruits that contain lots of water, such as melons.
  4. Stress – De-stress as much as possible. Life can be stressful. Let’s focus on what brings you joy. Do one thing a day that makes you happy, joyful and fills your heart with laughter. Increase your joy to help manage your stress. I find dancing in front of my mirror brings me joy!
  5. Essential Oils – essential oils are great to add to your daily life. One of my favorite blends is called Fortify from the company Saje. It is wonderful to boost your immune system. There is also:
    1. Rosemary
    2. Saro
    3. Eucalyptus

Bonus – Include more fruits and veggies in your diet. And if you want to take supplements:

  • Elderberry
  • Oil of Oregano
  • Olive Leaf
  • Lemon Balm
  • Goldenseal (when you are feeling sick)

These are good supplements as a preventative or when you are feeling sick. If you want support around boosting your immune system or energy healing session. Book Below.

Email me at info@carinecamara.com if you to connect! I would love to hear from you.

Sending you lots of love,