Headaches be gone!

Acupuncture gets rids of headaches. And in most cases instantaneous on the table!

Did you know that where your pain is located indicates a different organ system in Chinese Medicine?

Headaches in your forehead are Stomach and Large Intestine. These headaches are usually dietary related: skipping meals, eating in a rush or poor nutrition, lack of hydration, and emotions: worry and stress.

Headaches located behind the eyes and/or side of your head (temples) are often referred to tension headaches. These are stress, frustration and anger headaches. The location, and emotions, as well as decision-making are associated with the Gall Bladder. These are the headaches that often present themselves at work, especially when working long hours and are faced with deadlines.

Headaches that are located on the top of the head are liver and/or kidney. These are the ones that feel like your whole head is heavy, painful, and achy. You just want to shut your eyes, and go to bed. These headaches are more often due to lifestyle, stress and anxiety.

Headaches that start at the back of neck the occipital region is tai yang (urinary bladder). This channel is the first one to get attacked at the beginning of cold and/or flu symptoms. The back of your head and your neck get stiff when you are getting sick.

When people get headaches, most reach for pain meds. This approach does not get to the core of the problem, Acupuncture sessions can help treat the root of your headaches.

I had headaches almost everyday for years. A dull ache that was so constant, I didn’t realize how troublesome it was until it was gone. It varied from dull ache, tension headaches to a full blown migraines. Acupuncture sessions were able to provide me that relief.

I am a headache expert, and want to share with you how acupuncture can help you relieve your headaches.

  • Acupuncture releases oxytocin. This chemical manages your body’s pain, and aids in healing wounds and injuries as well as contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Releases tension in your muscles, by bringing more blood and movement into your joints and muscles.
  • Reduces your stress, by releasing serotonin. Your feel good chemical.
  • Moves energy,  opens up blocked channels and promotes movement.
  • Calms the nervous system.

Acupuncture has been the best thing I have found for my headaches, and there are no side effects.

If you or anyone you know suffer from headaches, please email me at info@carinecamara.com.

Headache be gone! Download Self Care- Acupressure Points!!

Acupuncture points specific for each headache. Use these points for pain relief.