6 Tips on Staying Stress Free during the Holiday Season.

Collectively the holiday season creates a lot of havoc, especially for those of us that live in cities. For many the holidays are anxiety producing. Between work, family obligations, financial stress, gift giving, traveling, and busy schedules this time of the year feels intense and crazy.

For those of you who are sensitive to energies and the people around you. Like myself. The holiday season can be exhausting, and filled with anguish.

I used to dread the holiday season, I’m a recovering scrooge. Mostly because it is so anxiety producing, and the pop Christmas music that starts playing in every store right after Halloween. I’m still peeved about the latter. However, I have learned how to keep my center, by self care, eating healthy and being grateful for all the gifts I have in my life. Now I can appreciate the joy of the holidays which are also a beautiful time to spend with people you love, share food and laugh.

Holiday Season

1. Self Care– this is the season of giving. And give to yourself. Take the time to gift yourself a massage, an acupuncture session, energy work, spa treatment or any other healing modality. Move the stress and anxiety out of your body. I personally make sure I keep on top of this with regular acupuncture and bodywork sessions, because this is also the season for illness. Due to stress and diet, people get sick during the holiday season. It is so important to keep your immune system strong, and your stress levels down. Acupuncture sessions also help you stay balanced and focus during this time.

2. Meditate- breathe and stay grounded in your body. If you a person that meditates great. Do more. If you are someone that has a hard time meditating- find a guided one. Youtube has thousands of guided meditations.

Here is a simple 5 or so minute meditation you can use: Breathing is key to to building a strong relationship with your body. Close your eyes. Take 5 deep breaths. Inhale for 5 counts into your belly, exhale for 5 counts.

Now notice any place in your body where you are having any sensations. It could be tension, tightness, pain, dull ache or tingling. Breathe into that space. Have the intention of calming and relaxing the area. You can continue relaxing various parts of your body. And just breathe and be.

In a situation that is stressful- remove yourself and breathe. Like at your family gathering.  Bathrooms are really good places to find some privacy to get centered.

I just started meditating this year. I had a hard time for many years. Since my mind is always on hyper mode. Guided meditations with visualizations helped me begin the process. As an empath, I used to have a hard time differentiating what I was feeling. Since I started meditating on a regular basis over the last year, it’s so much easier monitoring my thoughts and emotions. So when I am in situations where I am triggered, I can always go within. I like to think of meditation as cultivating a relationship with yourself.

3. Food– Enjoy the food of the holidays. There are dinner and work parties, so much celebration happening. Just monitor you sugar intake. Sugar lowers your immune system, adversing affects your digestion and cognitive functions. Read more on my post on sugar and the flu season. Eat as much whole, natural organic foods as possible. And drink lots of water.

4. Alcohol – is a depressant. And for those who are inclined towards depression and or anxiety. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol will intensify your emotional state. Limit your consumption of alcohol, and drink moderately.

5. Give back– being of service to others is always a beautiful way to shift your emotional state. Volunteer and share your time with others. It will help you see a different perspective of your life.

6. Gratitude– We all have so much to be grateful for. Give thanks for all the gifts and the love you have in your life. It is helpful to write it all out. Set 5  minutes on a timer and write all the things you grateful for. You’ll have quite a lot.

I am grateful to have a great apartment in Los Angles. Beautiful friends. I’m forever and always grateful that I love what I do.

During this month of frenzy remember do take some time for yourself. Give to yourself. Love Yourself.

If you are looking to book an acupuncture session to get you balanced during this holiday season. You can book ONLINE, or email me at hello@pelviswellnessmethod.com.


With Love,