My Story

Hello There! 

I am Carine Camara.

I serve people that are absolutely ready to transform their health and lives. I help guide people on their path of wellness, to give them more energy to live the life they desire. I work with people that can’t figure out what is healthy for them, and want a deeper understanding of their body.

I show you how to get more in tune with your body, while making you feel more alive. I can help you manage your physical pain, while attaining more freedom to live. I give you the tools to turn frustration about diet and nutrition into clarity and fulfillment. I help improve your quality of life by providing you the energy to focus on your interests and loved ones.

My short story towards health: 

For the last 16 years I live and breathe a holistic healthy lifestyle, immersing myself in studying nutrition, preventive care and alternative medicine. My love for nutrition is what helped me understand my chronic health concerns: digestive, acne, menstrual pain, headaches and chronic fatigue could be healed. I was able to transform my health with my diet. 

My ah-ha moment was when I had a painful cyst on my right ovary, and my gynecologist suggested surgery. I asked for two months to see if I could dissolve it with nutrition and alternative medicine. After two months of consistent acupuncture sessions, Chinese herbal formulas and a modified diet later, no more cyst and no surgery. I was blown away by the power of the medicine. 

It was this strong desire to understand how to better take care of myself and others, that led me to American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco in 2006.

And now when I am not seeing clients, creating new products (currently in the works), or writing and generating content for my blog, I am looking for fun activities to do in LA. 

Do you know of you any? Let me know.

I am very physically active- currently I practice yoga, Afro-Cuban dance and I’m part of a master’s swim team. 

Here are 3 fun things you don’t know about me:

  1. I am a New York City gal born and raised in Manhattan. I often dream of bagels and pizza, and in my dreams I am not allergic to neither dairy or gluten. Sigh! 
  2. I am the eldest daughter of Guinean parents. My childhood was mix of traditional West African values, as well as singing and dancing to Michael Jackson songs on MTV.
  3. Though I was born in the city, I am a country girl at heart. I love nature, growing my own food, flowers, gardening, quiet nights and stargazing.

Wanna to talk to me about your health and life goals?

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