4 Ways to Have a Pain Free Period

…and improve your reproductive health

Did you know that are you should have pain free periods with no side effects such as PMS? We all have been conditioned to believe that period symptoms are normal. 

Well they are not. 

A Normal Period is…

It starts and ends without any of the following: 

  • No pain 
  • No brown blood (Blood should be a bright color from start to finish, brown blood indicts old blood)  
  • No cramping
  • No bloating 
  • No breast pain/discomfort
  • No emotional shifts 
  • No headaches 

Your monthly cycle shows you the state of your health. If you have some or all of the above symptoms, your body is sending you a message. You either have a structural blockage or misalignment, hormonal imbalance, or a vitamin, mineral, and/or nutrient deficiency. All things that can be fix with the proper care and time. 

I personally have suffered from extremely painful periods (pain level above a 10) from the age 14 to my mid twenties. I was able to heal the extreme pain with acupuncture and diet. Currently, I manage my period and I’m mostly pain-free using the 4 prevention tips below. When I do find myself with a slightly painful period (2 to 3 pain level), I have usually been slacking on my self care. And it is a reminder to get back to taking care of my reproductive health. 

Pelvic Pain

1. Self Massage

Simple belly massage gets the lymphatic system and energy moving. Round and round at least 9 times- move your hands in a circle from right to left, the direction of your colon and digestion system. You want to make a big circle from the top of your pelvic bone (public symphysis) to the right side of your abdomen to your diaphragm and down your left side. There are more moves you can learn from a Mayan Abdominal therapist, like myself and other practitioners (find a local one Here). Your therapist will teach you a self care massage routine you can do at home. 

Is your uterus in alignment? Your uterus is held up by muscles and ligaments. Then can become weaken or loosen due to various reasons: trauma, surgery, emotions, pregnancy, state of your health or age. Your uterus can fall forward, downward, backwards or be off to one side. A misaligned uterus will have a lack of proper energy, blood and lymphatic flow. Thus, it will affect your period, your fertility and your overall health. Book a session with a Mayan Abdominal Therapist who can help you get your uterus back into place. 

2. Avoid COLD

Extremely Limit:  cold foods, cold drinks, sitting on cold surfaces or walking on cold floors. When cold enters your body it creates congestion, this leads to stagnation of blood and energy and results in pain. Cold contracts muscles and prevents blood and your body’s warm to permeate the area. Think of a frozen pipe or water hose in both situations the expansion of the ice don’t allow water to flow, and over time it can cause serious problems. The same is happening in your body, cold stays in your body and disturbs your natural flow. This will cause menstrual pain, hence why heat feels so good.  

3. Use clean toxic free sanitary products

Did you know that most of our drug store brought products are mostly made of plastic? They are filled with chemicals that are absorbing in our most sensitive and porous areas. Chemicals such as dioxins, this chemical is produced from the bleaching process. Dioxins are linked to hormone disruptions, and is one of the causes of  endometriosis. Everything that gets inserted in our vagina goes directly into our bloodstream.

Use tampons? You may want reconsider that choice. Tampons can increase your menstrual cramps. You want your period to flow, out of your body. Tampons inhibit your natural outward flow of your menstrual blood. It causes blood to get backed up and stagnate. This contributes to your discomfort and/or pain. Also tampons dry out your vagina of the self lubricating and self cleaning fluids that are needed to keep you balance and free of infections. A majority of tampons are filled with toxins, that are getting directly absorbed in your bloodstream. And they leave mirco fibers (toxic) behind in your vagina. Overall, even organic tampons are not recommended. Especially if you suffer from menstrual cramps, it is so important to allow your menstrual blood to flow freely. 

Next blog post will be about safe menstrual pads…

Work Out

4. Move that stuck Liver Qi.

In Chinese Medicine, the liver organ system maintains the free flow of qi (energy) in the body. When the liver qi is stagnant, there is a direct affect on the uterus. As the meridian goes through the pelvic region. The liver energy can be disturbed by stress, emotions, toxins and diet. For women this can result in menstrual imbalances. 

When there is a stagnation of qi it can lead to a blood congestion. Cramping with blood clots?  This means you have blood stagnation. Blood congestion can also be the result of IUDs, surgeries, or birth control pills.

Things you can do to get your liver qi moving: 

Exercise– moving your body will get your lymphatic system circulating, and helps to release your emotions. Great for mental clarity and overall health. 

Diet– especially a week before your period. Eat less to no sugar, no processed foods, drink more water. Include more cruciferous veggies into your diet, leafy greens, and clean meats- no chemicals or added hormones. 

Stick your tongue out in a mirror? Is it a pale red or light pink? If so, you may be anemic or have what we call blood deficient. You will want to include more iron rich foods in your diet. And if you can stomach it, eat some grass fed liver. 

Limit caffeine and alcohol. You can also include teas such as milk thistle to support the liver. 

Everyone woman has an individual story about their period journey. And it changes as we do. You may want to consider seeing a natural healthcare provider to help you look into other factors that could be affecting your menstrual pain like your thyroid  and digestive health that could need supplementation. 

A great to jump start your lifestyle change is to do a 10 day cleanse. Get in the habit of eating healthy, and cut out foods that are not contributing to your wellbeing. 

Want to do a cleanse? Email me hello@pelviswellnessmethod.com and we can set up your free consultation. 

There is also vaginal steaming for preventative care…Check out more information on that here. 

For more specific information on how I can help you with your period send me your information HERE

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Big Love on your Healing Journey!

xo Carine