Dr.Serena is a Naturopathic Doctor passionate about guiding people to trust their intuition through their story, and in understanding how their body is a metaphor for their life. Her patients know there is ‘more’ out there, want to bring order to chaos, and create long-term changes while trusting in their day-to-day routine. Dr.Serena brings her 5 years of medical school studying natural and conventional medicine, over 15 years of psychology, and personal experience plus studies of ancient and indigenous medicine to redefine people’s health so they can feel more at ease and in charge of their body and life, as well as get the health results they desire especially around weight loss, and hormone balance. 

In addition to practice, Dr.Serena has shared her expertise on outlets such as MindBodyGreen and Well + Good, appeared on NYU Doctor Radio Sirius XM, writer and Advisory Board member for Natural Practitioner Magazine, and has spoken at numerous professional conferences.

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Free Offering: Complimentary PDF all about 5 easy ways to strengthen your intuition so you know what to do next for your health, as well as some of my favorite suggestions and natural remedies as ideas.


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