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Victoria Buckmann is the founder of S.A.L.E.S. Magic and Women’s Power & Prosperity Alliance. Victoria uses Practical & Profound techniques to shift your energy and transition you forward into your greatest life and most magnificent SELF.

She is a certified Higher Guidance Life Coach, Sales Genius and Financial Freedom 101 coach. She is an Intuitive mentor, hypnotherapist and Women’s Success Coach.

She was honored with the Pinnacle Sales and President Sales award for a record 7 years. With her coaching, training and sales experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to those who want to confidently create a transformational mindset and bring wealth into all areas of their lives.

Along with her husband, she empowers people worldwide with their combined true stories of overcoming a financial advisor taking her life savings (1/2 a million dollars) and Gary breaking his neck and being paralyzed and using the power of the mind to heal himself. Truly a power couple that can show you how to overcome any obstacle!

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