Hannah Perreault (pronounced per-alt) is a Self-Love and Relationship coach based in Seacoast, New Hampshire. She is a partner to her soulmate, sister to fellow goddesses, and a coach who helps people find personal liberation through radical self-love and authenticity.

After a decade of “doing” and seeking answers externally through spiritual teachings, energy healings, meditation and yoga retreats, plant medicine, breathwork ceremonies, and visiting sacred sites, Hannah finally started listening to the quiet wisdom within her own soul that connects all of us to the divine. By guiding others through this process of remembering how to listen to their own sacred wisdom, she helps her clients reconnect to and remember their true selves to call more love, freedom, and magic into their lives.

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@soulforwardliving on IG and Facebook

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Free guided meditation. Together we’ll tap into gratitude, strength, and love. You’ll feel the true power of your soul and remember that you are worthy of a vibrant, joy-full, and radiant life.


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