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Avalon Starlight is a three time International Best Selling Author, Wealthy Witch, Mental Health Advocate, Energy Reader and Spiritual Badass. Creator of the Rebel Unicorn movement, and founder of The Chakra Business Academy, Avalon helps spiritual entrepreneurs bust through the energy blocks in their chakras so they can make a bigger impact in the world with their stardust. She is the Host of the Rebel Unicorns Podcast, is writing book four called The Wealthy Witch and is empowering women to claim their ancestral inheritance. 

Avalon shares her story of growing up around mental illness, getting pregnant at 19 with a son that suffered from ODD and anxiety. This led to an intense parenting experience, Avalon and him “breaking up” for 6 months when he was 17. It is when she began to follow Spirit, which led her down the path of reading chakras and helping guild people towards transformation. 

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