Marisa Imon is a creative entrepreneur, award-winning composer, and creator of hundreds of meditations featured by apps and brands, which collectively have millions of listens every month. Her music has been used in a national ad campaign for Olly vitamins, and the show Lucifer on Netflix. She is the international Amazon bestselling author of the book Super Intense: How working with your emotional intensity makes you a total superhero, and host of the unconventional meditation podcast, Incandescent.


Free Offer:

Receive a free year-long meditation and self-care program designed to help you feel like you are your own superhero. Every Monday for a year they receive a meditation between 2 min and 20 min (something for every schedule) as well as a weekly self-love/self-empowering activity:


Carine Camara 




Music Credits: Laughing Matters-

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