Improve your Health with Forgiveness

Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Acupuncture

Ho’oponopano an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. Many of the Polynesian cultures believe that negative emotions can lead to sickness.  By releasing the held emotions and asking for forgiveness, real healing can occur.

A powerful way to create peace with others. However, it is most important to have peace with in yourself. Forgive yourself, and release the emotional toxicity that lives in your body.

Daily Prayer 

  1. Find a place where you can just be. Still.
  2. Think of the emotion you would like to release. The situation or people that cause the pain.
  3. Say the above healing prayer.

And you release, and you let go.

How does Forgiveness relate to Fear? 
The kidney relates to winter, its the current season to be more introspective. The emotion of the kidneys is fear.  What are you afraid of? And how it is holding you back in your life?

Are you ready to let the pain go?

One of the first steps is being able to look at your fears. Forgive yourself for having them? Use the Ho’oponopono prayer as way to begin that the journey of self compassion and love.

Release the self judgement and the guilt. Forgive the event or people that created the fear. By allowing yourself to forgive and foster compassion, your fears intensity will diminish.

How does fear affect the body? Kidneys organ system governs our low back, knees, sexuality, energy level, willpower, and our ears.

Listen to your body as you start your self forgiveness process- more drive, more energy, less physical pain and more sexual prowess will be coming into your life.

This forgiveness prayer can be apply to all emotions or situations in your life, and will benefit your health and life in miraculous ways. Apply the prayer where you feel it would be best to start.

With Love,