15 ways to make THIS year your BEST

Happy New Year!

The beginning of the year, a wonderful time to release old energy and bring in the new. Acupuncture is one aspect of Chinese Medicine. But it is also a way of being- as we strive for inner peace, a sense of freedom and to have a physically harmonious body. The basis of acupuncture is to move energy and release stagnation. Since everything is energy:  your thoughts, your emotions, your being – you can also move and direct your own energy. This list is about moving and shifting the energy within you. Empowering you to let go of emotional blockages and bring in more love and joy in your life.

Here is a list of 15 ways you can nurture yourself and pull in energy to improve your health and wellbeing.

  1. Forgiveness. Forgive everyone in your life, and especially yourself. If you judge yourself, beat yourself up, or raise negative thoughts about yourself, it is time to begin forgiving yourself. Fall in love with all that you are, and release the negativity you have been holding towards yourself and others. You are only hurting yourself. It is time to release.
  1. Let go. Emotions are energies that you carry in your body. Many people hold on to their pain, and create stories around them. But you are hurting yourself, on all mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Let it all go, and free yourself from the unnecessary baggage that is weighing you down.
  1. Love more. Give it all away. Love yourself, Love your partners, neighbors, friends, coworkers, family, everyone. The more love you blast out to the world, the more love comes flooding in your life.
  1. Get Real. Time to break it down to yourself. What negative soap operas are playing in your mind? How much of it is based on the truth? If the story makes you feel bad, then you should rewrite it. Tell yourself stories that feel good, and that you want to make your reality.
  1. Take time for yourself. Carve out time for you to go within. Create a period of the day, where you can check in with yourself. It could look like meditation, prayer, walking or whatever brings you to a place of mental stillness.
  1. Intentions. What do you want to manifest in this year? Make some intentions, write them down. Include them in your meditation, prayer and talk about it with supportive loved ones.
  1. Commitment. Based on your intentions, make the commitment to yourself. Create a plan. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t need to know “the how” you will make it happen. Just start moving it that direction. Baby steps, do one thing a day that is getting you closer to your desired intention. Stay committed to yourself.
best year 2015

  1. Have Fun. Enjoy the process of life. There is so much to be learned and shared. Incorporate things in your life that you enjoy, and puts a child-like smile on your face.
  1. Let People See you.Shine bright and share yourself with the people around you. We love you and want to know you!
  1. Move. Engage your body in physical activities you enjoy to get energy and blood moving. It is not only good for your body, but it is good for your emotional and mental health.
  1. Healthy Food Habits. Food is Medicine. Everything you put in your mouth affects your health and how you feel. For long-lasting results, it is important to seek support and find out which foods are best for your body.
  1. Seek out the Professionals.  Taking care of yourself is a full-time job, and there are professionals out here that live and breathe healthy lifestyles. We are thirsty to share our knowledge with you. I love acupuncture, and I will always be an advocate. Emotional Acupuncture sessions will support your health and life transitions. Your desire to change together with removing emotional blockages with acupuncture will create positive shifts in your life.
  1. Support Team. Have a team of people cheering for you. Seeks friends that are invested in your success and love you. You don’t have to do this alone.

14.Never give Up. Stay with it. No matter what your intentions are. Focus on them, and pull in support from the professionals and your team. If at any point you are feeling overwhelmed, step back and create smaller baby steps. Make whatever you are doing easier for yourself, so you can continue on your path.

  1. Gratitude. Give thanks for everything in your life. By giving thanks for all that you have, you invite more blessings.

Make this your best year yet!  As always I am available and ready to support you in any way I can.

With Love,