Angry? Frustrated? Have you tried boxing?

I have just discovered the joys of boxing. I’m a relatively non-violent person, expect in times of self-defense. Leading me to stray away from most aggressive type of exercises. But, I decided to give it a try. And I’ll tell you why. I’m looking for ways to move anger, frustration, stress and other negative emotions out of my body without talking and processing them. Most of these emotions are not acute or directed at anyone, but more of an underlying feeling. And I want to swift it!

Hence, boxing. I am a HUGE component of exercise for the physical health benefits. More importantly, for the emotion release that movement can provide for the mind and spirit. I have been taking dance classes and performing since I was 4 years old. And yes, I wore cute little tutus for dance recitals. For me, dancing is one of my biggest joys. It can take me from a dark place to instant happiness. All I need is a good beat and place to move. Though I love getting my groove on, I haven’t found it to be a place were my deep-seated anger can vent.

woman boxing

Moving your body daily opens and moves energy through your channels. Almost all exercise forms will circulate energy throughout your body. So why boxing? Cause you get to punch bags! And you are moving the energy along your neck and shoulders. Tension in this area is the most common place for people to store stress. You are literally carrying the weight of your concerns on your shoulders. The channels that run along the neck and shoulders are the Small Intestine, Large Intestine, and Gallbladder.

Emotionally, the small intestine channel separates what is serving you from what is not. How are you digesting your life? Is it difficult for you to gain perceptive, and find your sense of peace. Are you feeling overwhelmed? The gallbladder is about clarity of thought, making a decision and having great follow thru. Do you have a hard time making a decision? Completing a project? Do you feel angry and stress often? The ability to let go is the large intestine. Being able to release the emotions that are weighing heavy on your heart and resting on your shoulders. During my boxing class, I take all these emotions and everything else that is not a serving me, and with strong intention punch it out. And it feels GOOD. My upper body (and the rest of my body) is sore from working out, and at the same time feels lighter.

I’m encouraging you to find a form of exercise that you can use to release negative emotions. With intention and focus on letting go, you can apply it to any form of exercise. I find boxing and other aggressive forms of movement to more effective, because anger and frustration are on the same energetic level. In other words anger and similar emotions breed aggression. Hitting a bag with all the words I would like to say with a neck roll and side eye to boot, is a freeing experience. I leave my boxing class smiling.

So go out there and release those negative emotions that are stored in your body! Giving you more energy to live your life with more joy and less pain. Acupuncture sessions also move your energy, and by exercising, deep breathing and stretching it heightens your resolve to strengthen your wellbeing and health.

With love and appreciation,