5 ways Acupuncture helps your Headache

Suffer from constant headaches! I completely understand and empathize. I often get anything from a dull ache, tension headaches to full-blown migraines. I am a headache expert and want to share with you how acupuncture has helped me relieve my headaches.

Here are 5 ways Acupuncture helps your headache:

  1. Reduces physical pain. By releasing oxyoctin, a chemical responsible for helping your body manage pain, and heal wounds and injuries. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Releases tension in your muscles. Acupuncture brings more blood and movement into your joints and muscles.
  3. Reduces your stress, by releasing serotonin. Our feel good chemical.
  4. Promotes movement of energy, and it opens up blocked channels in your body.
  5. Calms your central nervous system. Allowing you to relax.

 Self Care Techniques. 

  1. Apply acupressure at specific acupuncture points at the base of your head.  Gallbladder 20 – this point is at the base of your skull, in the depression between your trapezius (neck and shoulder muscle) and your sternocleidomastoideus (neck muscle). This point can especially relieve headaches that located in the back of the head, with shoulder and neck tension.
    •  You can apply essential oils such as Nutmeg, Lemongrass or Lavender to GB 20 to help alleviate pain
  1. Gently massage your masseter muscle (jaw line). This area of our face holds a lot of tension. Apply acupressure on Stomach 5, this point is on the on the jaw in front of your masseter muscle. You can take your movements upwards towards the end of your jaw, stopping at places that are tender.  Listen to your body, and rest.

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