Winter. The time to support your Kidneys

Winter, the time of the kidneys. Words that describe this time of year are contraction, receptive, introspective, rest, hibernate, and darkness.

In Chinese Medicine, this time of year is associated with the Kidney energy system. Quite different from Western Medicine. The Kidneys are our enery center including the sexual organs and reproductive functions.

Chinese Medicine Kidneys

This is the best time of year to consume foods to support your kidneys. They are the root of life- they govern birth, growth and development. If you kidneys are weak, they cannot support your digestive organs, and if your digestive organs are weak they cannot support your kidneys. Thus, it’s vital to have both organ systems functioning at their optimal.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. It’s a great time to nourish your kidneys.

Porridge is one of the best foundations to build your breakfast. It is warm, and easy to digest.

Most people think of oatmeal. Though it may only be a good option for some. Since oats are very moistening to the lungs, they are good if you are suffering from dry lungs, chronic cough or a sore throat. If not, oats tend to be damp forming especially if you consume a lot of meat and dairy.

In Chinese Medicine this type of porridge is called, congee. The best grains to use are white rice, barley, brown rice, or quinoa.

You cook 1 cup of white rice (or another grain) with 5-8 cups of water. In many recipes you can add Chinese herbs as well as various types of food. Mine recipes are with fruit, nuts, seeds, and herbs. If time is an issue, you can throw the rice in a rice cooker or crock pot and have it cook overnight. And your breakfast will be waiting for you in the morning. For my congee recipes enter your info below to download.

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