Q&A: What does Acupuncture Treat?


Acupuncture can treat any medical condition. The only exceptions are traumas and surgeries. And in both cases, after you are stabilized by a medical doctor, acupuncture can be greatly utilized to help speed up the recovery process.

I have had surgery in the past, and I got acupuncture right afterward to help with the side effects of the general anesthesia. I got treatments for the next couple of days and it helped with recovery.

Cold, flu, allergies, sinusitis- acupuncture will boost up your immune system and shorten your illness period.

Headaches, migraines, neck, shoulder, back or any physical pain – acupuncture relaxes muscles and releases tension. Acupuncture causes your brain to release natural pain-killing chemicals endorphins.

Digestive pain, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, acid reflux, IBS- acupuncture can help settle your digestion tract.

Women’s health- PMS, Menstrual cramps, no period, long or short period, infertility, pregnancy, postpartum support, menopause.

Emotional wellness, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, worry – acupuncture calms your nervous system and quiets the mind.

Undergoing cancer treatments, acupuncture can help with the side effects from chemo or radiation treatment. And will support your immune system.

Mostly importantly acupuncture is a preventative medicine. It not only treats disease or illness. It is great when you are feeling well. Your bodies are constantly battling the stress of modern life, environmental toxins, and are constantly exposed to varies bacterias and viruses.

It is so important to keep your body strong with regular acupuncture sessions and whole food nutrition. Strengthening your immune system and keeping your energy up.

If you are suffering from any health condition, or you’re healthy and want to maintain your well-being. Try Acupuncture.
Your health accumulates over time. Take Care of your body and it will take care of you.

Much Love,