Keep your Immunity Strong during Flu Season!

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The holidays are almost upon us!!! It is also beginning of the flu/cold season.

The Holiday Season aka the Sugar Season. And yes, I just coined the term. It starts with trick or treat, pies, holiday parties, gift baskets, candy, hot chocolate, lots of alcohol and more. For 5 months we are all faced with endless amounts of processed sugar. Yikes!

Ingesting sugar lowers your immune system. In 1973 a Loma Linda University study showed that eating 100 grams of sugar results in your white blood cells losing 40% of their ability to fight bacterias or virus. This affect lasts 5 hours.

100 grams feels a bit abstract. Right?

Here is some perspective:

  • Pies 18- 20 grams
  • Wines can start at 1 gram to Cocktails 24 grams (like mojitos)
  • Chocolate Cake with frosting- 55 grams
  • Bag of Skittles- 47 grams

According to Sugar Science the average American eats about 82 grams of sugar a day ( And with the holidays you can see how that would be easy blow past 100 grams.

Eating less sugar does not guarantee that you wouldn’t ever get sick, however, it does lower your chances significantly.

I’m not saying don’t enjoy the holidays and all their sweet treats. Just be conscious about it, perhaps avoid eating large amounts of sugar at the workplace. Most of my clients express getting sick from either their co-workers or their children.

It is nearly impossible to avoid sick people during the flu season. However, I have never caught the flu from anyone and I am a health care provider I am around sick people all the time!

My secret: I don’t eat processed sugar. As you have already guessed. I also ingest large amount of antioxidants in the form of plant based whole foods.

And my favorite thing is Black Elderberry Syrup (with no sugar added). I like the brand Herb-Pharm Alcohol-free tincture to boost up my immune system. Other reason why I love it so much is that it’s sweet. I am a recovering sugar addict. So I find healthy ways to include sweet things in my diet. And this is a two for one deal.

Stay healthy!

Much Love,


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