Afraid of Acupuncture Needles?

Sometimes when I tell people that I am an acupuncturist, I can see their face turn pale with the idea of needles. I totally understand this fear.  I don’t like needles either. Ironic, right? An acupuncturist that doesn’t like needles.

I was the child that would run the other way when the doctor came into the room to give me my shots. It took all my mother’s strength to hold me down, and I screamed like I was being killed. Even as an adult, I no longer scream but I have to hold back tears. Which is why I avoid shots or having blood drawn at all costs. Unless it is life or death, I keep my distance.

Syringes are NOT acupuncture needles. The only thing that have in common is that they are called needles. Technically, any sharp-pointed implement is called a needle- like a sewing needle.

The tip of the syringe is cut at an angle, and the needle is hollow. They are built to transfer liquids, where as an acupuncture needle is meant to transfer energy. The tip of an acupuncture needle is rounded and the shaft is solid.

That is why me, the biggest scary cat when it comes to needles can receive acupuncture sessions and also give them. Since I loathe pain, I am gentle with my style of inserting the needles. As painless as possible, because that is the how I am comfortable getting acupuncture.

If you ever wanted to try acupuncture, but the needle thing freaks you out. Seek a Japanese style acupuncturist, they tend to be gentler than Chinese style.

Please don’t let the needles stop you from experiencing a wonderful medicine. It has been around for thousands of years, and millions have benefited from acupuncture.

But if you can’t get passed the needles, there are other options: acupressure, applying essential oils, sound therapy and other energy modalities on acupuncture points.

With Love,