Emotional Acupuncture

Emotional Acupuncture is about harmonizing and opening energetic blocks to bring more love into your life. 

For those going through a transition in their lives, suffering from heartbreak, constant stress, suffering from addiction or mental imbalance, chronic pain or going through a hard emotional period in their lives – emotional acupuncture can help.

Acupuncture sessions do not create love or create anything that is not already within you. It creates an opening so you can take control of your health and wellness.

Why Love?

Love is the most powerful, healing energy in our world. We live for love and loves lives for us. Having an abundance of love energy for yourself and others will transform your health and your life.

Why are we focus on emotions? 

Almost all physical imbalances have an emotional origin. Chronic stress can cause shoulder and neck tightness, anxiety can produce headaches and depression could result in insomnia.

Our emotions are energy, and that energy moves into the physical. Negative emotional toxicity creates disease in the body by creating stagnation and deficiencies of energy flow. Think of a water hose with a kink in it, water can’t flow properly when there is a blockage. The same goes for our energetic meridians in our body. Acupuncture sessions move blockages, increases the energy flow.

Emotional traumas lay dormant in our body, energetic barriers that are unseen yet have an effect on our physical body. Acupuncture works on various energetic levels of the body. Not only on a physical level. Yes, acupuncture can alleviate your pain

It is much deeper than that, it shifts your mental perspective. Why? It relaxes your central nervous system, much like meditation, it helps to create a space between your thoughts. It releases emotional blockages, by moving energy through our meridians to push out nodules of encapsulated pockets of pain and traumas. Spiritually, acupuncture can help raise your awareness about yourself and life.

By releasing old negative thought patterns, emotional barriers, and physical discomfort you will have more freedom to focus on you, your dreams, your family, your happiness and your love. As well as the space and energy to live your life completely without the limitation of feeling unwell or unhappy.  Acupuncture sessions also strengthen your body’s immune, digestive, neurological, cardiovascular and skeletomuscular systems. Emotional acupuncture sessions will transform your life.

What is the difference between Traditional Acupuncture and Emotional Acupuncture? 

In essence, they have the same principles, because acupuncture’s treatment of the mind, body and spirit connection are inherent in the fabric of the medicine. However, emotional acupuncture takes it deeper-applying some traditional elements and incorporating esoteric acupuncture. A powerful healing system to uplift people’s awareness to wellness, and guide people to heal their heart. Sessions steer people on an inner journey of self-discovery.