Are you an Empath Quiz?

Answer from 0-2

0 never 1 sometimes 2 always

Do you often feel the pain of others?

Do you have the sense of other people’s emotions? And embody them.

Do you feel drained from certain people?

Are you have unexplained fatigue/exhaustion?

Do you suffer from mood swings?

Does being around certain people make you sick?

Do you get overwhelmed in situations like crowds or loud places?

Are you sensitive to light, smells, or noises?

Do you connect deeply to plants and/or animals?

Do you feel the drawn to nature?

Do you feel everything in your body?

Do you get emotionally or physically ill while watching violent or intense movies or tv shows?

Do you feel things deeply and have a hard time letting go?

Do you feel a deep connection to the earth and natural rhythms of the planet? Example like the moon cycle.

Are people drawn to you? Are you a great listener, and source of energy for others.


Add your numbers together.


You have some empathic traits. You feel compassion for others, but you wouldn’t be consider an empath. 


You an Empath.  You are sensitive person. You feel deeply, and can pick other people’s emotions as your own. You would benefit from my free download on the 5 Ways to Build Emotional Strength. 


You are Deeply Empathic. You are like a sponge and soak up other’s energy and emotions. You not only feel deeply, you carry the emotions and energy in your body and psyche. Download 5 Ways to Build Emotional Strength. These lay the foundation on how you can fortify your emotional intelligence. 

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