Postpartum Acupuncture

Postpartum medicine that meets the demands of a new mother’s heart, mind, and body. 

After labor, a woman’s body is under a great deal of physical stress. Much healing has to be done to return to the vitality of the pre-pregnancy state of balance and stability. New mothers who undergo treatment from practitioners of Chinese Medicine will benefit enormously. Physical recovery will be faster. Emotional ups and downs will be be more manageable. Milk supply will be increased. General health will be improved overall and will allow mother and child to experience more relaxation and intimacy.

Golden Month 

The first 4 weeks to 6 weeks are important days of a mother’s life. During this Golden Month your body is depleted of blood and vital energy.

Chinese Medicine strongly advocates for a new mother to stay in bed the first month after she gives birth. In our western society it is challenging for women to be confined to their beds and homes. However it is important to create a village or your personal wellness tribe to support you during this time of transition.

During the months of your pregnancy and after the delivery the body goes through many changes. Blood is lost, your energy is depleted.

The depletion compounds on itself when you breastfeed and have poor eating habits or stress. And if there are multiple pregnancies without properly replenishment. This can lead to a multiple of disorders, mainly chronic fatigue, weak immunity, a ripe place for an auto- immune disease to manifest.

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